Using mind-mapping software as a testing tool

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. Basically, you start in the centre with some main topic or image and develop your ideas/information through “branches”, which form a connected nodal structure. I like the idea of mind mapping mainly because you can follow your own style.

Mind map can be used to visualize, classify and organize ideas. Mind mapping in testing allows complex information to be presented in a simplified visual form. I know a lot of testers that always develop a mind map for each new product that need to be tested and they do not have enough knowledge of the product. Anyone that have enough time should develop this kind of diagram, because it is a great opportunity to organize the ideas and also can be used for future testers as a consultant document.

The advantage of this kind of concept is that it can be used for whenever you want. I had the opportunity to work with mind map in complex products and I find that it was worthwhile because I could identify key questions while I work on it.

There are a lot of mind mapping software available, just google it and you will find several dozen of them. When I started to use Mind Map, someone referred me to download the MindMeister (
Particularly, after I have tested others mind maps software, today I am happy working with XMind (Free version) (

I created this basic version of Mind map just to give an example of how it can be implemented.


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